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Can't unfollow feeds

  1. Along with blogs I also follow feeds from different sites and I can't find a way to unfollow those. The 'X' button on that used to be there is now gone. Please bring it back.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I wonder if you can see Unfollow link instead of x. Or do you mean you can't see anything at all in the place of x?

  3. Nothing.

  4. Oops, the link name is ⎷ Following in green color. We can click on it to unfollow the blog.

  5. Could you share few feeds that you are unable to unfollow?

  6. When I turned off my Adblock I was able to see the unfollow button but I'm able to unfollow everything except YouTube feeds. And I want to unfollow YouTube feeds.

  7. What happens in your Reader screen when you click on Unfollow next to the YouTube feed?

    I am able to add the YouTube feed url you mentioned above and then unfollowed it by clicking Unfollow link.

  8. Nothing, absolutely nothing happens. It stays as it is.

  9. Hi there,

    When I turned off my Adblock I was able to see the unfollow button

    This tells me it's most likely a browser issue. Besides your ad-blocker, are you using any other browser extensions that block JavaScript? If so please try disabling those as well. You can also try starting your browser in Safe Mode, which will automatically disable all your add-ons.

    Are you able to unfollow sites, i.e. is this problem only with non-WordPress feeds?

    Also please try clearing your browser cache and cookies, if you haven't done that yet.

  10. I'm able to unfollow even non-WordPress feeds. The problem is only with the YouTube feeds.

    I tried after clearing browser history, cache and cookies and even tried safe mode but nothing happens. In safe mode I'm getting a message,

    Sorry - there was a problem unfollowing youtube_feed_link_here

    I'm using Firefox 43.0.3

  11. This is really strange. I do see that you've unfollowed a large number of blogs/feeds in the past few days. Have you been unfollowing other feeds besides the YouTube ones?

    Is it possible for you to try another browser?

    If that doesn't work either, is it all Youtube feeds you want to unfollow or only some? If it's only some, please list them here so I can see if it's possible for me to unsubscribe you.

  12. I'm able to unfollow all non-YouTube feeds. The problem is only with YouTube feeds.

    When I first faced this problem, I tried different browsers. I've tried it in Firefox, Chrome and even Internet Explorer but still nothing happens.

    I need to unfollow all YouTube feeds and I'd be grateful if you would help me.


  13. I've tried removing those feeds for you, but were also not able to, so I have submitted a request for our developers to look into this. I don't expect a reply until Monday, so please be patient while waiting.

  14. I'll wait, no problem. Thank you very much for looking into my problem.

  15. Hello again.

    We found a way to remove those subscriptions for you.

    Let me know if I can help with anything else.

  16. Thank you very much, sir.

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