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    I installed Zemanta on my blog. I use Firefox. I’ve removed Zemanta from the extensions. I’ve reloaded Firefox. Zemanta still comes up when I edit a WordPress page. Very frustrating!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    I appreciate the suggestion. It’s where I started. I did what the thread said, and Firefox says Zemanta is no longer an available tool. But Zemanta still starts up when I edit a WordPress page.


    Which version of Firefox do you have?



    Firefox 14.0.1


    Then you might want to try updating to 15.01, which is the most stable current version. However, do NOT update to version 16 as a bug was announced a few days ago. (This news article has info about it: )

    However, something that might work (though I’m not sure) is you could try blocking Zemanta’s cookies (that’s what I’d try). To do that, go to Tools in your Firefox browser, click on Options, then on Exceptions, then enter the URL of the cookie in the field and click ‘Block’. It’s a long-shot, but it might work.

    The only other thing I can think of at the moment is to suggest that you contact Zemanta direct.



    Found it myself. Removing Zemanta from Firefox is not enough. You also have to remove the plug-in from




    Yes, there are two places to enable Zemanta: your browser, which puts it on all your websites, or, which only activates it on your blogs.


    I’ll modlook this, maybe staff can help you. (I’m a volunteer).


    Hi morewarmth,

    While on the Edit Post screen, you can click Screen Options in the top right, then under Editing Options, uncheck “Use Zemanta to find related content”.


    Oh, and uncheck Recommendations as well. :-)

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