Can't unlike my own post

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    I’ve accidentally “liked” a couple of my own posts and want to unlike them. I’ve read the forums and found how to do this, but it seems that maybe there’s something wrong with that portion of the website? I go to:, then I see a window with a small “w” spinning in the center – it never seems to finish loading that window.
    I’m guessing that inside that window is where I unlike these posts, but I never see what’s in there.
    Any suggestions?

    The blog I need help with is


    I have exactly the same problem as above. I have watched several videos on here all telling me to do the same thing but when I click on the drop down menu for view all posts I like, I just get a spinning W and it doesn’t load, I left it for half an hour and nothing happened. I then found another page where i could view the pages I had liked but there was no remove button, only a reblog or another like!

    Did you ever find an answer?


    No, I haven’t figured it out yet. I’d messed around with it all weekend, but to no avail. I did try to contact somebody in tech support, but I saw that they were all out at a conference or meeting until today, so I decided to try again tonight after work. For now though, I figured that maybe somebody in the forums had an answer?


    Wow, you’re in the same predicament as I am! Yesterday I had the exact same problem, and got to the same spinning w page. And I just noticed the support team is away. So I guess we’ll have to wait.


    it’s kind-of embarrassing! I don’t want people to see that I’ve liked my own posts!

    Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Maybe they’re already aware of it and working on it?



    Hello folks,
    Please always search before posting to the forums.
    Search result like

    Staff is aware of the situation and is looking into it.


    Thanks Timethief…
    I had searched, but I’d used “unlike,” which made sense to me, at least, and didn’t see that topic.
    I had figured that they were looking into it by now :-)



    I can understand why you used “unlike”. LOL :D
    Yes, Staff are looking into what’s causing this.


    I hope the Staff can fix this soon, because I’ve got the exact same spinning-W problem.



    I am still unable to access the page for “Read post I Like”.



    Well Staff have only been back for a day so I assume they will have a lengthy backlog of support tickets to address and I also assume they will have to prioritize them. I guess that means we will have to be patient while waiting for their attention to this issue.


    That’s true, timethief. We’ll just have to bide our time.



    I did find that you can find the “post I Like” clicking “Me”->”” reader:

    or the page:!/following/likes/

    for now.
    however I cannot “unlike” a post.
    It appears the staff are reorganizing things again, but i don’t know.



    Howdy all, thank you for reporting this. It is not possible to “unlike” a post at the moment, however, our team we’ll be looking into adding that functionality. We don’t have an ETA for that at the moment, but do appreciate your input so far. Thanks in advance for your patience!


    You should now be able to unlike a post by clicking on the “Liked” button inside the content area of the post.



    Cool! Thanks. :)



    Thank you!


    Wow, THANK YOU! We appreciate your adding this functionality. :D



    @designsimply-Very good news…and if you are waiting for the “but,” here it is:

    VIP blogs don’t display the button inside the content area (TechCrunch, TechLand, GigaOm, etc.), but we can still like them from the Admin bar. At the moment there’s no way to remove those “likes”.

    Nevertheless thank you for the fix all the same. :)

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