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    I’m trying to renew my domain and need to update my credit card. Every time I try (or try to add a different card) I get the red pop-up line saying ‘could not update stored details’. I’ve tried about 8 times. The credit details appear (repeatedly) in a list box below, but in grey, as if inaccessible. HELP!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, @elizabethhalls,

    Two things to try before we call in a staff member:

    1) Please confirm that you are logged in as the site owner. Sometimes that is the issue. :)

    2) Please try clearing your browser cache and then sign back in to and try to enter the details again.
    Instructions on Clearing Cache:

    Let us know if this does the trick. If not, we’ll pull in a staff member to take a look.



    Hi elizabethhalls,

    I’ve checked your account and isn’t due for renewal until 2018. Can you confirm which domain you are having problems renewing?

    Just let me know and I’ll look it for you.



    Thank you both, so kind of you to help. It’s resolved itself, thank you, and I have now received a receipt for the payment – however, this went to an old email address which is about to expire. It’s not the one registered on the website, so I don’t know how to stop that happening in future; it must still be hidden in there somewhere!

    Thanks again.


    Hi, @elizabethhalls ,

    You’ll want to check your email setting here:

    I hope this helps.


    Hi elizabethhalls,

    Glad to hear this is all sorted now. Emails are sent to the address on your Account Settings page, so you’ll want to update it there. The link @christinemaze provided will take you through to the right place:



    The payment itself seems to be sorted, but:
    1. I STILL cannot update my credit card details
    2. Although my email address in the Account Settings page is absolutely correct and up to date, I still don’t know why the renewal notice came through an old email address, (several times, both before and after 7th September when my receipt came to my proper, update address).

    Number 1 is the most important problem, which is unfortunately still not solved, it seems. It’s a bit confusing!


    1. I STILL cannot update my credit card details

    Are you trying to update the card details for your domain, If so, what happens when you try to add a new card, do you see any error messages?



    Yes, a red error message saying ‘could not update credit card details’.


    Hi ejhalls,

    You first posted here logged in as elizabethhalls but your last reply was posted from ejhalls. Both accounts own different upgrades.

    Please double check which account you are logged in to on your My Profile page and then try to update the card details again — the account name is displayed under your profile photo on the left.

    If you still see the error, it would be great if you could make a screenshot of what you are seeing:

    Please include as much of the screen as you can and upload the screenshot to your Media Library.

    There is no need to share a link to the file here, I will be able to find it in your Media Library.


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