Can’t upload a foto to my blog

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    When I click on the button of “publish” or “save draft”, I get this one:

    “Oops! Sorry an error has occurred. Please click here to contact us so that we can fix it.
    Please remember that you have to provide the full, complete Blog URL, otherwise we can not fix it”

    When I reload it, it just happens over and over.

    How can I solve it?


    The blog I need help with is


    Have you:

    Restarted your computer?

    If doesn’t work and still with the same problem:

    I see your message has mentioned about “URL”, the picture file might be broken.

    Another way:

    Try upload another image, will that be working? If it’s working, your previous picture must be broken. If you think it’s not, try upload another new image. There are not only ways to upload an image from your computer, you can also upload an image from the internet with an URL address.



    It sounds like that’s an error on’s side, not yours. Have you followed the instructions to report it to staff so they can fix it?



    I’m having problems uploading images also. I managed to get 4 out of 5 uploaded into the visual editor but only three are showing up in the preview. And I have tried with both the computer and the flash uploaders. So I’ll take raincoaster’s advice, contct support, and try again in the morning. Thanks.

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