Can't upload a photo for security reasons

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    I am trying to upload a photo, but the system keeps saying that there’s an error, that the file is “not permitted for security reasons.” I have checked and worked on the properties of the photo, which is not taken from the internet but was downloaded from a camera. The file is in jpg format, resolution is 72, color profile is RGB, size is 200 kb. I have used files from cameras for the blog several times in the past. It is the the first time I am having a problem like this one since I started the blog on WordPress 6 years ago.

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you quite certain a) you have room in your media library b) it really is a jpg instead of a bmp? Because that’s the warning you get if it’s not actually a jpg. What is the filename on your computer, in full?


    a) I have plenty of room in my media library (the system says 22mb out of 3gb
    b) it really is a jpg file
    The filename is: Luciana Basta.jpg
    Thanks, I appreciate your helping me.


    Hello! Anyone else who can try to help with this. I have yet not been able to solve the problem.



    Rename the file to remove the space in the filename and try that.


    Thanks again, but meanwhile I found another way to get around it. I uploaded the file on Facebook, downloaded it from there, and then I was able to upload it onto my blog. The reason why that worked escapes me…



    Different filename if you downloaded it from FB.


    There you go…



    Hi there,

    As raincoaster mentioned, the problem was most likely the space in the file name. You can find some troubleshooting tips for uploading images here: Troubleshooting Images

    If you run into other problems uploading images or need further help with this, please let me know! :)


    Thanks for your support!

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