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can't upload image, filtering

  1. In Iran ISPs has filtered login page and we should use VPN to login into our blogs!
    But the new problem is when I want to upload an image, I see log in page again and in this case I can’t even use a VPN to log in and upload my images.
    Please help Iranian users :(

    من از کاربران ایرانی ورد پرس هستم
    در ایران صفحه ی ورود و لوگین ورد پرس فیلتر شده و برای ورود مجبور به استفاده از وی پی ان هستیم
    اما متأسفانه مشکل جدید من مواجه شده با صفحه ی لوگین در هنگام آپلود عکس است، که حتی با وی پی ان نیز نتوانستم از آن عبور کنم
    با تشکر

    The blog I need help with is

  2. @amiiin, I've put a modlook tag on this so that staff can find it and perhaps supply an answer, or give you some things to try. I don't think any of the volunteers here in the forum will be able to answer it for you.

    Keep checking this thread as there is no telling when they will respond.

  3. thanks

  4. @amiiin,
    I replied by email asking for a screenshot of the error message.

  5. I think Google must improve Google translator! :D
    Yes, there is a problem with our ISPs and our government! We should use circumvention tools to log in to wordpress.
    I think taking a screenshot doesn’t help, because the error is “Could not connect to remote server” in opera, Firefox and internet explorer and I know that this problem, is related to web filtering. And we should use software to bypass web filters.


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