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Can't upload images

  1. Is anyone else having problems uploading images today? Everything I've tried to upload is showing up as a broken link.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. We're had a few reports and are investigating. We'll provide an update shortly.

  3. Worked all day for me, but then ran into the same problem about 30-45 minutes ago. Thanks for replying so quick foolswisdom and looking into it.

  4. wendyusuallywanders

    I thought it was just me! Have been trying to upload pics for hours.

  5. thepreppyplanet

    FYI, we are experiencing the same difficulty, cannot upload images.

  6. Sorry about that. This should now be fixed.

  7. foolswisdom: Thanks for the really fast response!

  8. I have been struggling with this also... so far NO LUCK!

  9. mizsuzee, thanks for the note. We see an additional issue and are working on resolving.

  10. thank you!

  11. The files are uploading successfully, they just might not be being replicated to the data center that your blog is being viewed from. Replication got behind as we bring another data center online. Sorry about that.

  12. marriagejunkie

    Very frustrating but good to know I am not alone. Thanks for getting on it foolswisdom.

  13. Is this now resolved? I have been trying to upload images into a particular blog post for a week and a half. I've upgraded Flash, cleared Firefox Cache, re-uploaded images, created completely new blog post, etc etc. Nothing seems to work. The images appear in post when I write it, but not in the preview or the published version.

  14. @artypeeps, your issue doesn't sound like it would have been caused by the replication problem. If you are still having trouble uploading, can you contact us at so we can take a closer look?

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