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Can't UPload images

  1. cuisineparadise

    I can't upload images to my post. When i am trying, a red cross symbol appears in a white box. CAn anyone help me out??

  2. I am having the same problem too...Shall I just wait and try later? T.T

  3. i have that problem too :(

  4. me 4 having the problem

  5. Me too...not able to upload images on my post.

  6. Same here: after spending over a week trying to upload audio, all of a sudden the image upload (jpg) is broken. I have a presentation in school tomorrow. What is going on? It shouldn't be such a struggle.... Also, since the dashboard upgrade, my entire blog now shows a different font, in italics! This is URGENT!!!!!

  7. I'm having also problems uploading files (.doc & . pdf)... is there somebody who can help us?

  8. @cuisineparadise: Where exactly does the cross appear?

    @All others: We cannot begin to help before you give a link to your wp.COM blog.

    @arruga14: "I'm having also problems" is too general - be more specific, please.

    @photcat: For your italics problem see here:

  9. i am unable to upload any photos or pictures at all. when i upload them, it says done and allows me to edit the name of the photo and stuff but the photo appears as a broken image. when i copy the image url and paste it, it says 404 not found.

  10. edit: it seems to be fine now.

    I can't upload an image. When I try any of the pdf images on my computer, what shows up in the white upload window, over TITLE: CAPTION: DESCRIPTION: on the left side of the box, is a generic image I know nothing about and have never seen. This same thing shows up no matter which pdf image I try to open. When I go on and publish, what shows up on the edit box and the final blog is the file name as a link to a "pdf open file" box. Any Assistance would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  12. If you want an image you must upload a JPG, a PNG, or a GIF. PDFs are not image files, so yes all you will get is a link to the file.

  13. I am using wordpress 2.6.5. I can upload images and it says done. But thing is i am not able to access images but image has uploaded in to server, and i changed permission to 777. can u guys help me in this.

  14. Can't upload images. Goes through the motions but comes up blank. Was working fine earlier on. Images are small jpgs. I've tried to upload photos in different computers, at work and at home, also Firefox and Safary: no luck. Anyone else having this problem?

  15. Yes - I can't upload jpgs or videos from home or work computers.

  16. Can you be specific about the failure?

  17. Thank you man for your information and response.. :)

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