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Can't upload images, get blank screen

  1. Since yesterday, I have not been to upload images on my blog. I thought this may be because I had linked to one image from another website . The rest of my images are uploads from my computer. I have already removed that link from my blog, but I still cannot upload images from my computer. When I press Upload, I just get a blank screen. What is happening, and can I fix it somehow? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's a known issue. There's a workaround in this thread:

  3. I have been trying to upload an image all day from my computer to my post. Its always worked the old blank screen. Please can someone help me befvore i throw computer and post through the window. I need images to make my blog readable!!!!!

  4. Some of my images are not showing up in my post---they are in the media library and the code is correct, and if I click on the blank space where the image should be it shows in a new window, but they refuse to show up within the post.


  5. I wonder if this is a connected problem with mine and something werong at WordPress end? How are we going to actually get help. This feels like casting a problem on the waters and hoping someone will find the message.

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