Can’t upload images: IO error. (Error #2038)

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    Powerpoint (.ppt) can be uploaded to so that others can download them, they just cannot be displayed within the blog.



    I only successfully uploaded an image once, and that took 3 hours for a 2Mb image… which is a LONG time. Since then I haven’t been able to upload anything at all…

    The thing is, I haven’t been able to upload not just to WordPress, but I also can’t upload to Flickr or imageshack or photobucket… they all come back I/O error. Is it a browser problem, or server problem?

    I have these problems no matter which computer I use in my house.
    I’ve tried turning off all firewalls and antiviruses too…



    If it’s happening across multiple web services, then it’s likely something local to your or your ISP.



    I have the same problem!!


    I can’t load photos either. Getting the same IO message. Please tell us how to get around this.



    Same problem started for me yesterday. Using the browser uploader to get around the problem.

    Just tried again with the flash uploader and having upgraded to FF3 seems to have solved it for me.



    Drat and double drat. The flash uploader worked at my office computer, but not now on my home computer with FF3 installed. Have latest version of flash on both machines.



    I’m having the same problem, but I can’t even use the browser uploader instead – when I upload with it, my window goes blank and never loads…


    @charlottejo, what is the URL of your wordpress.COM blog?



    to pick your beautiful brains…..

    I’m the same as justjennifer.
    Flash uploader comes up with IO error and browser uploader goes to blank page once you hit the upload button. I’m at – i rekon it’s an installation problem, though I have reinstalled. updated flash, added .htaccess, and loads of other stuff – anyone any ideas?


    @oliverdoran, Since you are self-hosted and using the software downloaded from wordpress.ORG, you need to direct your question to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . This forum is for users of WordPress.COM, the free hosting service, and it uses a modified multi-user version of the software which is different from what you are using and few, if any, here know anything about it. or The difference.


    Hi Guys, first time poster.

    I have a page titled gallery and would like to upload several photo’s within themes though. Basically, 10 layers of photographs, some layers have 1 photograph and others have 7. Is this possbile? If yes, how do I do this?

    I am also getting the IO error.

    Thanks so much,



    Hi there, could you give us a link to the blog where this is occuring, please?


    Hi Carocat, below is the link, I’d like to create categories within my Gallery page that link to various buckets of photographs.

    Thanks for your help.



    same issue here driving me crazy, tried ff and safari, can anyone help



    I’m having the same problem right now with

    It worked 2 days ago but not today, I’m getting this error message.



    I can’t post images now either……



    What browser and version are you using? And have you contacted staff? That’s what I’d suggest at this point.



    thanks for the reply Rain. I’m using Internet Explorer and yes, I probably should contact staff but I’m going to go to bed now instead and hope it’s miraculously fixed when I wake up tomorrow….

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