CANT UPLOAD IMAGES, wordpress please address issue

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    yugh!!! I have a mac and before the “upgrade” I could upload images just fine
    and now its impossible
    I have upgraded flash, cleared cache
    still can not get an image

    will someone from wordpress please address this issue
    pretty please with strawberrys and whipcream on top
    please fix it so mac users can upload images again
    or give the option of using old format
    the old format worked just fine



    Most of the team use macs so it’s nothing against the Apple machines.

    Can you send a support in but please describe every step in detail – we need to know just what you see and just what you click. If you can send screenshots that would be great.



    I can’t upload images because the entire upload box won’t show up. I can’t scroll down to hit the button to complete the process. FIX!!



    same here as freshhell.
    please fix asap.



    Yes, same here, I’m using a windows pc and use mozilla browser, it’s worked before, but now the upload box (pop up?) appears towards the bottom of the screen and I despite scrolling drown i’m blocked from getting to the bottom half of the upload box so cant press ”insert into post”. I’ll see if I can send a screenshot.



    ok.. now I dont know how I can upload a jpeg screenshot example! blast it!



    exactly the same for me as supersizeme described… but it was working OK last night. (FYI, One solution is to try using Windows Live Writer, which I use very very frequently and makes life really easy if you are uploading from Flickr etc. Only trouble is that it does not upload audio files and you need a link for that… so, you need to use wordpress uploader.)



    Same problem here … I use Mac OSX and Safari … There’s something wrong with the image uploader. The full box does not show up in my browser window (SAFARI) all of a sudden. It’ll download the image and “crunch” it but I CAN’T SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM IN ORDER TO INSERT THE IMAGE INTO MY POST. Please fix this glitch


    Me too…. MOZILLA. WIN 2.K…..its crazy..



    this should be a pretty simple fix. Has any of the wordpress admin seen this post yet? I’m having the same problem.



    We made some bug fixes to the uploader. Can you force a refresh on the browser and try again?


    mtdewvirus, refreshing did not resolve the problem. Same thing happening for me as others have described. The upload box won’t let me scroll all the way down to complete the process of inserting the image.

    As a temporary hint to those that have the same problem: after you have uploaded the picture, go to the image gallery which is the top right-most tab. There, within the pop-up is a scrollbar which allows you to scroll and insert the image this way. A little cumbersome but its better than nothing.



    Got an email from support last night saying they had fixed some stuff. My last attempt worked.
    > Thanks for your patience as we have worked through some of the issues. We have deployed another fix for the uploader which should take care of the popup window going blank/white. Can you try uploading and inserting images again and let us know if you still encounter problems?
    > —
    > Nick
    > Automattic |”



    Hey I’ve tried it, its working perfectly now! Cheers WP! :)



    i just want to see if my avatar is working

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