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can't upload my images

  1. Since yesterday, I cannot upload my image files while I post my blog or edit my blog.
    When I upload my image, The uploading box changed the WordPress home (
    I use iMacG5, and via FireFox or Safari became the same situation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I'm not a technical type at all but I do know that Safari has big time issues. Check this thread out
    I this is helps.

  3. Thanks a lot, Mr. timethief.

    I also having tried with FireFox. But, I cannot also.
    And, before yesterday, I could do it with Safari or FireFox.

    I think there is something else between me and the since yesterday.
    Because, I think the Dashboard pages are too slow for me since yesterday.

    Anyway, I will try to upload later.

  4. i can't find the link to upload images too! I have uploaded images before, but can't find it now. Does anyone know anything? Does it have something to do with the Taiwan earthquake?


  5. It's a problem with pics using IE too - be it adding new images or using ones stored already!

  6. I'm a bit lost as to what is actually occuring. What is preventing you from uploading? Is the uploader not there? Does it upload the image and then change?

  7. DrMike,

    I couldn't find the uploader.


  8. Thanks a lot.
    I'm not sure what's going on my blog. But, I could post and upload today.
    May be, the earthquake at channel between Taiwan and China caused bad influence for the network.

  9. Bad karma? :)

    At least it's working now for you. Sorry we couldn't have been more help.

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