Can’t upload new copy of a media file.

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    I uploaded a Word .doc file. I have a link to it from a page and it works fine. I had to make changes to the .doc file. I deleted the old file from the media library and loaded the revised one. When I look at the new file–it is still the old file, no changes. Tried again, tried again. Finally, I changed the name and uploaded it and modified the link to it and it now works okay. Can I not reuse names in the media library even if I first delete the old one? I also noticed that AFTER I deleted the old .doc file, the link to it still worked jsut fine. Strange…



    Change the name. is really fussy about that. You always have to change the name.



    It might be like Photobucket. You need to change the file name somehow or add an – or an _ to make it now work.

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