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Can't upload pages onto my menu bar (has wordpress limited pages?)

  1. hangukyeonghwa

    I had a lot of pages present on my menu bar, but for no reason they've been deleted. Luckily I still have them saved on my site, so I tried to put them back on to the menu. But everytime I click 'save' and it says the action is completed, nothing happens on the site. What's going on? Did wordpress put a limit on the number of pages?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Which specific pages are you trying to add to your custom menu?

  3. hangukyeonghwa

    Yesterday I tried to add a page, and then for some reason half of the pages on my menu bar just disappeared. I keep trying to put the pages back on to the menu bar, but it won't let me. I've noticed others are having a similar problem too. Do you have any idea what the problem is?

  4. Without the URLs of the pages in question, no, no idea.

  5. hangukyeonghwa

    I've just used the search feature to find some of the pages:감독-2/

    I keep trying to add them back on to the menu bar, but with no success.

  6. tideswelltales

    I have a similar problem, in the case of this blog all the menu items appear as top level despite having set all pages to correct levels and resetting the appearance/menus function when I save the menu all items revert to top level. Problem first occurred on 1 Jan 2013.

  7. There are others with the same issue. so we could keep them all together, I had them all post into this thread yesterday which is tagged for Staff attention.

  8. I also have this problem on my blog and I have posted a similar question without knowing someone else had already asked

    I just saw one reply here about linking the pages that have a problem, but I have a multitude of pages that I can't possibly post links to all sixty+ of. Just before I tried to update today, all pages I had on my menu were there and working.

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