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    I’m having a problem uploading photos onto my blog. I searched through the forum and I couldn’t find an answer that fit my problem. Basically when I go to upload a photo from my HD to my blog in the editor, it seems like it’s taking ages and then instead of the picture appearing in the editor, only the file name does. I’ve tried renaming, resizing and attempting to reload other files but it’s still the same problem. Anyone have any idea what’s causing it?



    What browser and version are you using? Also, always leave a link to your blog when you ask a question so we can take a look.



    Looks like is having some image problems. I’m getting the same error uploading a bog-standard JPEG via Firefox.



    Yeah, I’m only trying to upload JPEG files as well. My blog is The weird thing is that it wasn’t working at all and then it started working again, but now it’s died again and the posts I loaded up in that time have totally packed it in and all the photos have disappeared…but I’m kinda glad it’s not just me and it’s WordPress. I’m using Firefox as well, 2.0 I think…the latest one.



    It looks like a problem. If it’s still happening when support reopens, report it then.

    Usually this is just temporary, meaning there’s some issue with a server somewhere that will be fixed soon.



    I’m having the same problem uploading photos after saving them from two public domain sites.


    I sometimes have a few problems uploading .gif images.
    Most of the time, it works well.
    Do as Raincoaster said.



    Same problem with uploading pictures to my blog I use IE7



    same problem, i can’t upload video from youtube, it was yesterday, today i can’t upload images, if i write image and text, after post, on the web i can see only text.



    Same problem. It’s also posting duplicate images to my “uploads” page, however the links within the posting have a URL ending with “blank”.



    my internet connection is fine, there is no problem with it though. I’ve upgraded the latest Flash player but still it has the same error, can’t upload images. please help me, i need to upload some pictures fast.



    If you’re REALLY in a big hurry, use Flickr or Photobucket or something and upload there, grab the URL and put that in the “from the web” space of the uploader here.

    The uploading issue is a complex one and there are several different problems and solutions in many different threads. Take a look at some of the other threads on the first two pages of Support with “upload” or “image” in the titles.


    I can’t upload images after the new changes!!!!!!!!! VERY very very frustrating……HELP please…latest flash IS installed…browser IS cleared…what else? the “browse” button appears for 2 seconds and disappears then…what’s the problem…i’m going to go back to blogger…this is getting silly!



    @chessaleeinlondon: Did you try right-clicking in that box to get the contextual menu, then selecting Reload or Refresh or Redraw (it differs with browsers)?


    hi mikecane.. I will try it in a minute and report back to you…tks..


    hi mikecane..if i click on “add image”…then a window pops up…and there is the opsion to add an url…or “choose files to upload” (from pc i assume)…when i click on that button saying “choose files to upload”..NOTHING happens…but, when i click on the red text that says..”choose file” (next to “gallery”), the “browse” button appears for a fraction of a sec and then disappears…really..drives me mad!


    can perhaps add I’m using Internet explorer 7 and don’t have problems at all to upload on other blogs…other than wordpress!


    and i’ve “tested” the other media too…same with music…or movie…the button disappears in seconds…



    *banging head on desk*

    I have just tried IE7 with XP. Everything still works fine for me.

    I took a screensnap from IE7 showing the items it’s working with.

    I’ll do a post about this on my blog for everyone to look at.

    OK, did the post:


    Thank you mikecane!! you are really very helpful, but that box does not appear from where i can choose my pics… the button where you click…”choose files”…if i click on it…NOTHING happens…i’ve done all those steps you’ve got on your link…very nice link, btw!! and still i have the problem… yes, i agree…i feel like banging my head non-stop! it’s so frustrating… and it’s not that i don’t know anything about pc’s… i do know and i’ve got two other blogs too…Opera and blogger…and it works… i can upload pictures there!Thanks once again!

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