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    Go to that new link for instructions on how to find out what IE7 is using on your PC. If something is very different, it could provide a clue. Especially if something is missing.


    Thanks mikecane… I will check it out tomorrow…a bit late now and will comeback to you on it…thanks once again for your quick response..



    I’m having exactly the same issue as you, chessaleeinlondon. Tell me, are you running Windows 98? That appears to be the only common point for everyone running into the issue. I’m working with staff right now to help clear up the problem, but no joy yet. In the meantime, get a Flickr or Photobucket account, upload your photos there, grab the URL and put it in using the Image icon (the tree) same as always. It works just fine.



    Hi, I’m having the same problem on a Mac using Firefox. I can upload a gallery of photos fine, but not one at a time. It lets me click “upload” and then nothing happens. I did think it was really sweet that I could load 5-6 images (all small jpegs) simultaneously, but I don’t want them only showable as a gallery. I tend to write photo essays and mix the photos in. Then, once they’re in the media gallery, I get absolutely no option to insert into post. This did work yesterday, but I had to fiddle with it then, too.



    If you click SHOW under the Media Library, you can grab the URL put it in using the Image icon (the tree) same as always.



    i can not upload pictures from my macbook. Just from my PC. What can i do to fix it?



    I’ve this problem:

    What should I do?



    p4blox: empty your browser’s cache. Does it still happen?

    katialessa: please provide details when asking questions and reporting problems. We can’t help otherwise – the problem could be anything from a broken mouse to a misunderstanding.


    hi All… I’m running Windows Vista… and a WordPressblogger-friend has suggested to use Blogdesk…i’m using it now and not going to bother get this problem sorted anymore… i just feel it needs to be sorted for other bloggers… another wordpress-blogger-friend also says he’s having the same problem and he’s using Blogdesk too… so, for those of you who want help… blogdesk is the answer.. it’s free and quite easy to use…


    I just want to add… I didn’t download any programs of any kind after the changes of WordPress… so it’s def not something on my PC that’s causing the problem and… i uploaded pics today on my problem…I uploaded on Opera-blog…no problem… it’s just WordPress! and i didn’t have this problem before..with WordPress…


    hi Tellyworth… I’ve cleared my cache… i have the latest flash…I’ve restarted windows many times…I’ve followed all the suggestions on WordPress..and i still have the problem, but as I said…I’m using Blogdesk now…


    One other problem with Blogdesk I’ve just realised… unless there’s another way out…and that is that I can’t upload movies with blogdesk and the same problem appears with WordPress when you try to upload pics… when you try to upload movies… blog link :



    Today I figured out how to insert images without changing or adding anything. Just inserting from my own library, that is, I didn’t try to upload from outside. Still, this was an accomplishment.

    I began naming those of my images that are not named–but then when I did a Media Search it didn’t pull up my named files. Does anyone know how to find images stored in one’s media library other than manually going thru every page?


    Color me among the disgusted. I built my whole site ( in nine hours three weeks ago on WordPress with ease as a non-tech person. Now I can’t add an image since their change. I’m on a Mac using Firefox trying to download small/low res jpegs to no avail. I am dismayed at WordPress’ lack of response to this obvious debacle. I can finally see (thanks to Richard on HOW I should be able to do what I now need to do, but it isn’t downloading once I hit that little button. Have resized, renamed and retried….


    Make sure you have the latest version of shockwave flash installed in your browser, it is really important. Go to .


    Hi thesacredpath.. I have the latest flashplayer installed…I have cleared my browser…I have deleted history…whatever there is to delete…I followed everything explained by WordPress…and still can’t upload…i’m using blogdesk now, but can’t upload movies through blogdesk…NOR through wordpress…

    on this link…after the second screenshot…the red text says…”choose files”…if i click on that…the “browse” button appears for only a FRACTION of a second and disappears and i’m left again with “choose files”… ;(



    This is exactly the same issue I have and Tellyworth is working through it in emails with me.

    I think tsp is talking to kiefferceramics, not you. He’s very good at keeping track of who did what.


    For any out there using Firefox that have the AdBlockPlus addon, try disabling it (tools > addons) and restarting your browser (required for the addon to actually be disabled). The uploader is Shockwave Flash based, and many ads are flash based, and perhaps AdBlockPlus is misidentifying the wordpress uploader as an ad.

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