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    Yes, I was referring to kiefferceramics. I should have included the username in my post.



    kiefferceramics: we’ve already fixed a number of uploader problems, are working on the rest, and doing what we can to respond to questions and reports on the forum and in support.



    kiefferceramics: I just uploaded test images to your dashboard in both Firefox and Safari. Everything worked perfectly, including the Insert Into Post button.


    Up until, just now, I’ve been able to upload pictures. It no longer works. I go through the motions and nothing appears in the post.


    I use IE7 and like I said, it’s worked fine with the WP 2.5 change, until now.


    That’s weird! Now the pics appear. There’s like a 5 minute delay between upload and when they show in my post?



    Interesting. I noticed a delay when I tried Upload again. It was almost enough for me to get my cursor in the box that materialized, but then it vanished and turned into the Upload button alone.


    I’ve noticed some delay as well. I think staff could be pushing out some code changes, and there is also always the possibility the image servers are really busy.



    I have the same problem as many others. The Add image feature does not work, it is okay to open, choose files etc, but when I click on insert into post, that window just goes blank and you have to close it yourself. And no image has been posted. Some times it doesn’t even work to copy the url and then paste it into the insert image (the little tree).

    Sounds like that blogdesk is the answer, since no anwer from WordPress or any solutions. I have tried everything else, installed latest Flashplayer, empty cache etc. I have Windows XP and a new PC. Can’t understand why they changed everyting. It was so easy to use before. All I want from the blog is to be able to write text and upload images.



    Have exactly the same problem as catharine2 — both when using PC Firefox and Explorer. Have the latest version of Flash installed, have tried to empty cache etc. It doesn’t work.



    Have exactly the same problem as catharine2 — both when using PC Firefox and Explorer. Have the latest version of Flash installed, have tried to empty cache etc. It doesn’t work.


    Hi Sacred Path and Raincoaster, Thanks for your thoughts. Did upload latest shockwave last night and was able to upload an image. Today was able to do four, but then it stopped. When I click upload, it pauses, but no html is inserted. Thoughts? You guys seem to say the system is overloaded?

    I have downsized the images a lot as I did hear that some IE users couldn’t see the full image. Have been renaming files so they are shorter, etc. I have learned more from the forum discussions than WordPress’ instructions. Am still very disappointed with the ill ease and pace to do something that had been so easy.


    Me again. Now seems to be working. But is picky. The key for me was the latest shockwave download. That should be in WordPress’ instructions.



    Yes. I’m beginning to think aspects of Flash are incompatible with my OS and I could be screwed. Shall continue to try, though. Hopefully it’ll settle down in time.


    I still having the problem… glad to see that there are people trying to sort it out…may I ask if it is WordPress-Admins?



    @chessaleeinlondon: I went with BlogDesk today too.

    But I just discovered it can’t do blockquote without inserting the HTML. I could be missing something, but I doubt it. Tomorrow I will try either ScribeFire (for Firefox) or Windows Live Writer, both of which were suggested to me by a Commenter on my blog.


    Hi mikecane… only thing with Blogdesk is that you can’t upload movies too… i had to upload it on a host site…to be able to upload it on my blog… tks for the link, will look at it.


    hi mikecane… it is like you say…Blogdesk is amazing! ;)


    Hi mikecane…I’ve now also downloaded Windows Live Writer…but you can’t upload a movie from your pc… I don’t know if i miss something…you can only add a url…or embed… ;(
    but overall it looks great!



    We deployed a workaround about 12 hours ago for a specific problem that we believe affects some (not all) OS/X and Linux users — it prevented the Insert Into Post button from appearing after upload. That problem appears to be caused by a TCP/IP networking bug in Flash itself on those systems.

    It’s possible the fix we deployed might help with some other issues but that would be coincidence.

    There is another issue we’re aware of that causes the Insert Into Post button to fail: domain frameset forwarding services. The kind where you get a free or very cheap domain name, and the service loads your web site in a frame (often with ads around it). This breaks browser security rules that can prevent some of the uploader functions from working, and will possibly affect other parts of the dashboard as well. If the URL in your browser’s navigation bar when you’re on the Write Post page is not ‘’ (specifically, if the domain name is not *, then that is probably your problem.

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