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Can't upload photos

  1. chessaleeinlondon

    I've also tried to upload an audio file...and it doesn't allow me.. :((
    I've upgraded (paid) so I can have more GB and to upload music and now I can't..
    Hi Tellyworth
    I've checked mine and mine is like you say...

  2. chessaleeinlondon: please contact support at with as much information and detail as you can provide.

  3. @tellyworth: What's frustrating is that the news of the solution you just posted might take *days* to propagate.

    It would be great if there was a mailing list or even RSS feed WP users could subscribe to in order to ensure getting timely news such as that.

    Now everyone will have to recall this thread and repost the link over and over.

    That is a clear FAIL!

  4. mike: I haven't formally announced the OS/X fix because it probably only affects a relatively small number of people, and because it was a risky operation. We've already deployed and removed it twice; this third attempt looks better but we're still watching it carefully.

    I haven't formally announced the frameset issue because we haven't yet decided how best to deal with it.

  5. chessaleeinlondon

    Thank you, WordPress..for the changes!! I've just checked and now can access my files to upload images!! the new changes look great!! I haven't used it...but am sure it will work from what I've seen! ;)

  6. chessaleeinlondon

    I've given it a go...and it works! I have to use the "browser uploader" to be able to access my files as the other button still doesn't work... once again, thank you!!

  7. Tellyworth, Thanks v v v much for the browser upload alternative - it works (ya hee) for me.

  8. @tellyworth: I'm glad I'm not a programmer. Sometimes just being a user is too frustrating!

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