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can't upload photos

  1. Can't upload photos. Goes through the motions but comes up blank. Was working fine yesterday. Images are small jpgs. Anyone else having this problem?

  2. Yes, all red X's on the last three posts I modified.
    The other photo's appear perfectly however.
    I checked in Firefox 2 and 3 and IE7 using the crummy Vista premium software.

  3. Yep! Having the same problem and it might have something to do with an error last week on WordPress! A server or image database or whatever was down and they fixed it in a couple of hours. I bet they are already working on it and will fix it soon!

  4. reddoorphotography

    I am having the same problem. Must be a wordpress problem.

  5. me too

  6. Same issue here.

  7. Yes, me too! Its been working all week, until today. Can't post anything!

  8. Me too :(...

  9. We're working in it

  10. This issue is now resolved. There was a replication issue, so the images were uploaded, just not shown because of the network issue.

  11. Do I need to refresh or something from my end? It still isn't working.

  12. Nope, still not working here either.

  13. Nothing here yet...

  14. thepreppyplanet

    Nor can we upload images. This seems similar in nature to the big issue with servers we went through ten days ago or so.

    Additionally we can't manipulate text. At all. (Trying to "unquote" a paragraph and no-can-do. Can't align center or left, etc.)

    If it is the same problem we hope the fix comes a bit more quickly.

  15. STILL cannot see any images I upload - HALP (pretty plz)

  16. thepreppyplanet

    FYI, the problem seems to be resolved for us.

  17. yup, working for me now as well. thx

  18. Tried to upload photos last night on my computer at work -- no luck. Tried to upload photos today on my computer at home -- still no luck. So it's definitely got to be a WordPress problem, because these two computers are two completely separate systems.

    Hope it gets fixed soon -- not being able to update my blog is hanging up all kinds of other work that depends on people being able to see what I'm doing on the blog. SUCH a pain in the neck!

  19. Oh yeah -- I tried both the Flash uploader and the Browser uploader -- neither worked.

  20. Working fine now. Thanks for the help.

  21. Howdoo...

    I've been trying to upload photos as well, and the uploader is bringing something in, but I can't see the image and secondly it doesn't appear when I add that image to a post. I refreshed my browser and it seems to still be kinked... 3:53 p.m. Thursday

    Jeremy A.

  22. Sounds like you guys need to contact staff directly from the Support button on your dashboard.

  23. Cheerio

    I sent a note to support on this issue just now. so we'll see what happens now.


  24. reddoorphotography

    Frik! I still can't upload photos!

  25. Don't you hate it when they say "problem's fixed now" when it's not?

  26. still can't

  27. me too, I can't upload some photos.

  28. Broken for me too, both flash and browser uploads... :-(

  29. Check the sticky at the top of the forum

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