can’t upload photos

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    I have tried everything, and read the instructions and the forums. I browse for the photo, click the correct size I want and save, but the photo doesnt show up on the page. When I
    click “send to editor” I get an “error on page”
    at the bottom of my browswer.



    I’m afraid we’re going to need a lot more information here to help you. Please remember that we have nothing to go on except for what you tell us.

    Browser, browser version and OS?

    The filename and size in kb?

    When you click on the “error on page” message, what si the error reported?

    Which editor are you using?



    I face the same problem! Could be file size. So, what is the max size? It’s not mentioned anywhere in this blog!!

    Why on earth I can see my pictures when I post this comments but not appear at all in my blog??



    Facing the problem as well..Not able to upload a scan on my post.Details are:2.70mb and size 1205×769.

    I guess if an option is presented to cut down on size, one can exercise it. As of now however, reason for not uploading is not known.

    Also I would so like someone to instruct me on how to increase the size of a rather small snap before up loading.




    Oops..must add further details for Dr. Mike.

    No ‘error message’ as such.. the status bar shows..’sending’ forever..and then..nothing. Finally I gave up after re uploading several times.



    The snap popups are set to a specific size. We can’t change those.

    Max upload size is 8megs so that shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re coming in over a dial up or a very dirty line.

    If it’s timing out without an error, changes are the file isn’t getting here fully and the browser on your end or PHP on this end is just giving up.

    The file name may also be an issue. We’ve had folks in the past will illegal characters and leaving off the file extentions trying to upload.

    I’d go for a smaller size to be honest, at the very least for your dial up visitors. Please remember that a 2.7 meg picture will take no less than 20 minutes to download for someone on dialup.



    @drmike – in other areas of the world, a snap refers to a photograph, which is what i think this poster was referring to ;-)



    Oh, ok. You can expand the size of a picture using something like MSPaint by using the stretch function. Just remember that you decrease the quality of the image when you do that.

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