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Can't upload pics

  1. HI, when I try to upload a picture i just get an "error on page message". Any ideas? Thanks

  2. Today I can't upload pictures either. First time I've ever had problems. Is there something special going on?

  3. Please give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http. Tell us what browser and version you're using, what version of the uploader you're using, when you get the error message, and what happens then. There are about twelve or thirteen different uploading errors that have been reported over the past month, and a lot of workarounds devised as well.

  4. or

    I have been unable to load pics for the past three days. I am using IE 7

  5. We still need to know what version of the uploader you're using, when you get the error message, and what happens then. Do you even get an error message? or what happens?

  6. or

    I have been unable to load pics for the past three days. I am using IE 7

    I dont get any error message. I can't even see the upload icon. Not sure about hte version of the uploader...what do you mean?

  7. Also...I have another problem...when I write...I can only wirte in visual mode...and cannot seem to switch back and forth to HTML mode or

    My blogging expereince has come to a schreeching halt...

  8. i changed all activeX control settings and it works..i had downloaded McCaffe virus buster and that may have had a more restrictive system

  9. To upload pictures is easy to me but I have some troubles to add some videos.

  10. use images hosting sides if really no choice

  11. When I try the Flash uploader I get an HTTP Error 500 message. When I try the browser uploader I get a blank screen. I've been at this for many months, know what I'm doing, have right-sized images. Something is really wrong today!

  12. abrabennett - what browser are you using?

  13. I'm using IE 7. I've never had a moment's trouble with images until yesterday, and as you can see from my blog, I have multiple photos in every post, correctly displayed. I don't code, so I'm really at a loss here.

  14. You get a blank screen at what point? When you hit Insert, or when you click Browser Uploader in the first place? I've seen a few people reporting problems this weekend and it seems they are ALL using IE7. If you can possibly swap to Firefox, do it.

    If you can't, my best suggestion is to send a Feedback to staff with all details, every single thing including a link to this thread plus all the info you've posted here, and in the meantime use Flickr or Photobucket or something similar to host your images. Warning: if there is any nudity in your pictures, even a classical painting, you can lose your Photobucket account. I posted a Michaelangelo and they took it down and threatened my account.

  15. I get a blank screen after clicking Upload, it either says Crunching forever, or the image upload/insert window goes almost directly to white. Once or twice I made it as far as Insert before the image box went to white.

    Thanks for the advice to link this to Feedback, I'll do just that. Being in France I'm ahead of them, timewise, but I guess there's nothing to do but wait. I've never used Firefox, but this might be the moment to try it.

  16. I've been hitting exactly the same problem (go through the whole upload process and then when click 'Insert into Post', dialogue box goes white blank. No error message other than the tiny yellow warning triangle with exclamation in the bottom left of browser with the message 'done with errors'

    I am using IE7 too.

    I've left feedback today. I thought it was solved over the weekend (I can't remember seeing the image ordering dialogue previously) but it's stopped again today

  17. Definitely let staff know. They must be tinkering with something since some Safari people are reporting errors, but a different error.

  18. In the meantime, don't hit the Insert button. Just copy the URL of the image from the box that it gives you and put that in using the Image Icon (the Tree).

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