Can't upload text via iPad

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    I have a story I’m wanting to upload to my site via my iPad, but am having difficulty uploading it via the text part or even the word part (although on iPad I revert it to Word document.)

    Any help at how I can overcome this problem would be most helpful and appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is


    Have you tried the WordPress app? It’s not perfect but the last update improved it.


    Yes tried that first, but it doesnt have the text or word text option on it like it does via the Internet :(( unless of course I’m missing something that I should be ticking/clicking to make it appear on screen?


    Hoping you can see this pic, this is what I see on my iPad WordPress



    If the above doesn’t Work, hope this does.


    Hmm, not exactly what mine looks like but even on my app I do not see the “visual editor” either with the word option. Are you needing to maintain formatting of your word document? It might be worth trying copying and pasting right into that window a small portion of your word document just to see what you output looks like.

    So back to the Internet version which does have the word option…. What specific problems do you have in using that. Are you just copying and pasting from your word document?


    It seems to just appear as ‘normal’ writing rather than my preferred font.

    As for the Internet version I don’t have control & paste via my iPad keyboard? So that doesn’t work :((


    To copy, you just hold your finger on a word until you see the choices Select, select all, and paste. Then you can paint with your finger the highlighted area and then when you finish doing that you lift your finger and it gives the option to copy. You don’t need any keyboard options.

    However, with WordPress, when I go to paste, it worked on the app, but not the Internet version. And yes, I bet it strips out any special text formatting.

    Seems like you will have to either use your iPad and edit for formatting. Or use another computer and paste as a Word document. I am just sure I have seen some of the experienced colunteers warning about the hazards of using Word, but not seeing those now. Even when I follow links that are supposed to go to a support document ostensibly on pasting ffrom word, it reports a document not found.


    Nope all I get is ‘open’ and when I do, I get the pic below facing me and obviously I don’t have that Option via the iPad keyboard

    Checked the link, but didn’t seem to understand what it was telling me :((


    One of the experienced volunteers here has referred people with iPad issues over to this forum on


    Ok thanks, I’ve just found another problem, I cannot move the share buttons ie, if you want to move preferred buttons like twitter etc to the box on the right, all highlight instead of one moving!!!!


    When working with widgets? If you click on the screen options button on the top right, it gives you an option of something like accessibility mode. Set that then by each of your widgets you will have an “Add” button.

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