Can’t upload video’s after upgrade

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    Upgrade to Video Press was able to load one video. Haven’t been able to upload any video’s since the first.
    Just starting to put the blog back together! Any help would be appreciated !

    The blog I need help with is


    I guess I should have put my blog



    Could it be upgrade expired?


    No I purchased yesterday!



    Maybe contact WP Staff then?


    Maybe but that seems to be a hit and miss situation!



    Eh?? Well, they’re not that quick but will give you a response. I mean, if you cant upload any more stuff (and I dont think youve reached the limit with just one video), you might wanna cotact them then.



    You seem to have two sites so if you do intend to move the video upgrade from one to the other I also recommend contacting Staff directly.


    Yes, I have put in a request for help. We shall see what happens, right now I’m stuck!


    I’ve only used 48 mb of 3 gigs! I don’t know what the issue is.


    Thanks for help and advice!



    … right now I’m stuck!

    Indeed and we cannot help you. Unless I’m completely out to luch what I see is:
    (1) the videos are only offered on your self-hosted site;
    (2) you are charging your readers if that site to become members in order to view the videos.

    Hence it seems that “complexity” of some viewers being able to view videos and others not being able to view them may be a contributing factor to your problem, or not.

    The bottom line is that this forum is only for posting questions and answers about free hosted blogs, and the blog you appear to be having the problem with is a software install for self hosting.



    Ah yea, this is the freebie side of the fence. No money thingies here.


    The problem is that I can’t upload video’s to the free hosting account. That’s where the trouble is. The video’s on the self-hosting site have nothing to do with the video’s that I want to upload to the free site which is
    I paid for something to be used on site I would like to be able to use it there! It’s their product , their site and hosting there is nothing I can do but be at the mercy of the support gods!

    With that said I should be in the right place to ask the question.


    It seems as if it won’t let me upload any video file types! I’ve tried AVI, mov,
    I get this error message

    File type does not meet security guidelines. Try another.



    Oh my! What a frustrating and confusing scenario this is. We Volunteers can’t help you – only Staff can. Best wishes for a happy ending.



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