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can't upload(install) Themes from Elegant Themes

  1. Please help me......
    I can't upload(install) Themes from Elegant Themes.
    I got Themes for $35. But I can't use it......

    Here's how to install the new theme.

    I did "Theme Package" link to download the theme.
    That's it!!! I can't do after this.
    The explanation said that click the "Install Themes" button and then click the "Upload" link.
    BUT I can't find any page of "Install Themes" . So This is problem for me.
    Why I don't have "Install Themes" page(tab)"??
    I would love to change the Themes.....I paid for the other one.......

  2. You are limited to the 140 or so Themes that you can find from your Dashboard - you can't upload a Theme in WordPress.COM it is a security, functionality and reliability issue.

    The instructions you are reading are for a WordPress.ORG install.

    For more on the difference:

  3. Hi auxclass! I'm going try to install
    hope it will work....!!!
    will keep posted! xo
    Thanks again!

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