"can't use image for security reason" notice?

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    I was setting up a post for publication. I found an image I wanted to use on the Google images search. As per usual I used the “insert media”, function, etc. When I tried to insert the image, I got a notice that it couldn’t be used for “security” reasons, or something to that effect. That’s the first time it happened. Any explanation? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is viewsfromtheoortcloud.wordpress.com.



    The accepted file types for images are > Images .jpg .jpeg .png .gif



    I found an image I wanted to use on the Google images search.

    Are you ware that the vvast and overwhelming number of images in Googles indexed image cache are under copyright and cannot be used? That’s why this is posted “Images may be subject to copyright.”



    Edit: Are you aware that the vast


    Time thief,

    You are on top, do you have any idea what is happening?


    I just tried to post a help request for someone, and it was immediately closed?



    May I please respectfully ask you to stop acting for others? I do appreciate your desire to help but Staff and experienced Volunteers are able to manage. Please just go to your own blog and blog.

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