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Cant use Page Attributes with Pilcrow Theme?

  1. hey guys, ive happily created the first half of our new blog using Pilcrow theme and for some reason i can not create a drop down sub-menu using page attributes? has anyone got any clues on this? This is the first theme that i have used that does not allow me to use page this a problem with the theme / me or deliberate? I would love some help. All the pages i have created are in my index but non appear on the site under a parent page.......even though they do in my index?!


    big love

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Creating a custom menu is the best way since that gives you complete control of where everything goes and gives you added flexibility.

  3. do you know if pilcrow will allow me to use page attributes?

  4. thankyou for your help by the way.......its really appreciated.


  5. Only a few themes display dropdowns to child pages in their standard menu (and Pilcrow isn't one of them):

    So thesacredpath's suggestion is the only way.

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