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    Hi, yesterday I posted a new image header which I could view but after viewing the blog today I can’t see it but it shows I have the image uploaded.

    Please advise how I can make the image appear again.



    Do you have a css customized blog? It doesn’t look like it from here but I want to be sure because once the ccs has been changed if the image was uploaded and applied using the regular (non-CSS) method of uploading and applying headers, it will be overridden by the CSS.


    Yes thanks, I do have a CSS customized. As soon as I picked that option it went.

    Many thanks.


    Can anyone advise me on this?


    You will have to wait for a response from staff or one of the CSS guru’s, but I think I remember reading that once you modify the CSS, you have to manually go into the CSS and put in the header image, not use the header image section in the dashboard.

    It could also be a leftover header problem from the recent upgrades.


    Your CSS file was pointing to the header image for the theme. I’ve updated your CSS to point to the image defined as your customer header image in the database.


    Cheers dudes.

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