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Can't View New Pages!!

  1. Sorry if this is a regular problem, but Ive created a new page under the heading "3D Work #2" and it is saved & published, but im not able to view it apart from when editing! So far WP has been great but this is a real blow. :( is there anything i can do to sort it? or do i have to wait for the admin to fix the problem.

    these are the settings used for this page.

    discussion - comments off & Ping off
    page status - Published
    password - No
    parent - Main

    please help.

  2. I sent a feedback on this, because creating new pages used
    to work but does not seem to work today.

    You can create a new page, but cannot view it.

    The the new page link shows on the sidebar, but when the link is selected;
    a. some themes display a 404 page
    b. some themes display the home page

    Tested on IE 6.x and Firefox 1.5.x with
    - White as Milk theme -- it dispays 404 error
    - Comtempt theme -- it displays the home page
    - Treba theme -- it displays the home page


  3. Yes same here, it shows up on the side bar, but when clicked it just refreshes the front page. :(

  4. Same here too... but some how I just notice that the problem suddenly gone. Someone may fix the problem a couple hour ago as last night i still can't view it but now I can.

    It could be defect though.

  5. i've got the same issues. i just get the "doh" message. i can edit the page, but not view it.

  6. Kaldiboo - I fixed your broken page

  7. cgsprite.. fixed your page! I added code to update pages more quickly so I hope others with the same problem will be ok now.

  8. donncha cheers. its great bit of kit, and i can understand your very busy sorting out stuff. The updating of pages has worked :) but now i have more problems (sorry for being a pain) i created a test page earlier to see if the problem had gone, but it had not but a new problem had accured. The test page showed up on the front page but wasn't viewable and it had disapeared from the dashboard, but checking back now i can view it (thanks for the fix)and i can see it in dashboard, so i deleted the test page and in dash-b it said it had gone but on the front page its still there!!!

    but at least editing pages is back thanks again.

    just gone back and its totally fixed thanks alot.

  9. thanks donncha!

  10. I am now experiencing this problem with creating new pages. In my case, I am redirected to the homepage when I try to view my new page. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  11. well my problems are back too :(

    Just created a new page with the title "2D work" and it shows up on the frontpage and is totally viewable. But it dosnt show in the manage area of the dashboard and is only editable through the edit link at the bottom of the page being viewed. also the edits i do dont stick. I turned off comments and ping but they turn themselves on again.

  12. I just made some more changes to the page caching, is it ok now for you?
    I was able to view your "2D work" page cgsprite, and I created a test page on your blog, but the most important test is for you to do the same!

  13. @ donncha

    I see where my previous page (DD Page) was fixed and is viewable now.

    I cannot edit/update DD Page though, it remains the same.

    AND, I just created a new page, (EE Page) which shows in page links on sidebar, but when selected returns a 404 error.

  14. I have the same problem.
    Is it possible to force an update or refresh or something? With a button? That would be great functionality.

    Anyway, how long will it usually take for a wordpress blog to update?

  15. Glad cgsprite is getting his issues resolved one by one, but what about the rest of us?

  16. @ evolver

    I think one the issues donncha was chasing earlier was cache related. So depending which server your account is on, may take awhile for the code changes to take effect.

    One thing I noticed today is, on creating a new page, I first got a 404 Error when viewing. It took about 1 hour for my new page to become viewable.

    And the pages I edited, did not display updates at first, but are updated now about 1 hour later.

    When they get all the kinks out with this page edit/view issue, updates would normally be right quick.


  17. ok donncha, I will do it now, thanks for this, its much apreciated. will edit this post if I find anything out. :)

    all seems well, again thanks for your time :)

  18. like I said.. what about the rest of us?

  19. I have got the same problem. I try to create new pages, but they don't show up. Only my 'about' page is working actually. How come?

  20. I see now that in other presentations, I would get the 404 error.

  21. well its started again, but if its just a cache problem then i will give it a few minutes to get through.

    BTW its the "My CV" page thats gone potty.

  22. I need to add my name to the list of people whose new pages won't display.

    I've been waiting hours for mine to work. No joy (the 'Press' page on my blog).


  23. Whoops, not blogspot, I meant


  24. I'm having the same problem. A few hours ago I was able to publish an see the new page, but now... How can I solve this???

  25. I'm having the same problems on my blog I make a page or update on and the page doesn't work.

  26. Server was down for fixing for a little while. Still having the problem.

  27. It still does not work. Also not after waiting.

  28. thank god i wasn't just being stupid. can't vie new pages too.

  29. Affecting me too. Good to know it's not my fault (between timezone settings, renaming the page names, etc. etc.)

    I'm new here, so I never knew if this was a problem by design or a brand new bug :)

  30. Been happening on for days. Somehow I managed to get one of my pages working, but others (1, 2) don't work.

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