Can’t view the pages i aranged under the parent page. Only “Parent page” opens:(

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    Helo support team,

    A rare n weird problem that I encountered today was that in my blog– , I had added some pages (2008, 2007…) under the Parent Page (Members) using the “Page Parent” option…. and though I am able to edit (by the ‘manage pages’ option ) the pages i included under the parent page n see it listed in the home page —- I am UNABLE TO VIEW them by any means…..

    All of the “children” pages open the “Parent” page only…

    Plz help Urgently…

    Thanks in apprehension.



    It says here that you must link the other pages somewhere on your blog.
    I visited your blog and the pages are working fine for me, so if it’s not the pages up the top, it’s just that you haven’t linked them so you are able to view them.



    As a matter of fact, I have gone through all the FAQ including the above one and can assure you that i have made no technical mistake on my part for sure.

    If you went through the info in the link above… it only asks us to add pages to the parent page n that – THESE PAGES CAN BE ACCESSED ONLY BY THE PAGE WIDGET- where the Sub-Pages will me displayed under the Parent-Page….

    My problem comes after that….

    I made a “Parent page”— “Contacts” for our alumni, under which I included contacts of people year-wise as “Sub-Pages”, i.e. “2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 etc…” which u can see only under the “PAGE widget” on the left column n not on the top.

    [[ When I click the any of the Sub-pages, it opens the Parent-page only…]]

    [[ I am 110% sure the bug is in the “Page Parent option” at the bottom of the “Write Page” page.]]

    U can see it for urself in ur blog only…

    Write a sample new page with the Page Parent option pointing at some pre-existing page and try to view the page… It will open the preexisting parent page only.

    Though the address of the parent page n the Sb page r different- they open the Same parent page… Sad.



    Actually played with the problem for some time n actually found a <<Round-About-SOLUTION TO THE “BUG” >>….

    I found that the problem comes only when I write a page, make it the sub-page of some pre-existing Parent page using the “Page parent” option and publish it as a Sub-page from the very beginning.

    The new Sub-page keeps opening the Parent page only then.

    But, on the other hand, if I write n publish a page as an “individual page” and then go back to the EDIT the page and using the “Page Parent” option make it the Sub-page of some other Pre-existing parent page—- In that case, the Sub-Page now opens properly and can be viewed….

    Moreover, another option I discovered is that using the “Edit Permalink” option, while editing the Sub-page, if we add a “-2” at the end of the link and save…. the Sub-page open properly- Weird.

    Though my immediate prob is somehow solved, the Bug remains n looks like a Minor one… Dear support team… Kindly note n correct the problem…

    <<<< So, in short, the BUG lies in using the “Page Parent” option while creating a “brand new page”. >>>>



    Actually, Discovered more… the whole prob was that i had named the Sub-page in NUMERICALS— 2008, 2007…. (years) n that screwed up the thing… Its fine with rest… So …. Small bug….


    I am having difficulty now.
    I have made one of my main pages a child page and it has disappeared completely – cannot be viewed anywhere.


    @lauramcgonigle: Only parent pages show in the header. Add the Pages widget, so that you get all your pages listed in the sidebar.

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