Can’t view uploaded files in a private blog

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    Hi folks,

    when I make my blog private (click the ‘I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose’ radio button in Privacy Settings), I can’t view any uploaded files on a page. I get a ‘403:Access Denied’ message that says I must be both a user of this blog and currently logged in (both of which I am).

    When I make the blog visible to everyone, things work OK.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    thanks very much



    It sounds like you need to contact staff about that. Images on a blog that is private will not be visible to other people, but if you’re a user who is logged in to that blog, it should work just fine.


    I hope you have better luck on this than I did.

    I’ve had this problem with one of my private blogs for quite some time, and after numerous emails back and forth to support, I gave up. They claimed it was something on my computer, but after completely uninstalling and reinstalling my browser, the problem was still there.



    We are looking into this.



    One of the issues that Matt discovered is that staff is always signed in with staff-level access, so they always see the images. So it’s hard for them to duplicate the problem.


    @rain, that had occurred to me, but I never mentioned it to them. I assumed they had a way of looking at things with our level of privledges, such as a dummy user-level account.



    We do have user-level accounts and blogs for testing this sort of thing. The problem is more complex – file and image downloads are distributed amongst many different servers and networks, and it fails on only a handful of those.



    Hey, thanks for the replies. Looks like this is known problem, and a transient one at that. Just to make things more difficult, everything appears to work OK today.

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