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    With the free version, i’m not sure, but i think the CSS isn’t really usable, not by me (correct me if i’m wrong, please). Plus, i have no idea what i’m doing there anyway. So here is my question..

    With the ChaoticSoul theme, is there any way to make the Blog Title contain capitals, because at the moment it doesn’t, and i would very much like it to, i’m not sure if there is something i’m missing or a way for me to access the CSS or not. I may have to upgrade that, in which case i would just switch themes, its a very nice theme though.



    You can but you’ll need to purchase the CSS upgrade. If you go to Dashboard > Presentation > Edit CSS you can see a preview of changes to the CSS but they won’t be permanent until you buy the upgrade.

    If you don’t mind that then once you’ve bought the upgrade, you’ll need to change the h1 text-transform property to capitalize and that should do it. Hope that helps.


    Thanks, i have been considering purchasing the CSS upgrade for awhile, and maybe this is the time


    Good luck – as you know, there isn’t much for support for CSS here. The no-caps thing kind of bugs me too – in redoable lite, you can’t put in caps in the post title. Every theme involves some sort of compromise, though. The way I see it, it boils down to tearing your hair out over the way things are, or while trying to figure out CSS. :-)


    Which often turn out to be the same thing, heh. Well i’m still debating it, its not much but money is money y’know. Thanks for everyone’s help.

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