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    One of our publishers is writing a blog post about the Boer War. She would like to add ‘Boer War’ as a tag, capitalised the way I just wrote it.
    The issue is that no matter what, whenever she saves the blog post, the tag gets saved as ‘boer war’ without any caps at all. It is not the only word that it is happening to, but it is not systematic either, and we can capitalise some words.
    Is there anything we can do about this? Is it a matter of configuring our blog a certain way?
    Thanks a lot for your help,
    Florence Liger, Web administrator at Te Papa

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the site you are talking about. The one linked to your username is not a wordpress.COM site.



    Sorry about that. I thought the link to our blog was included since it was part of the form.

    Here’s the specific blog post where we’ve got the problem:

    boer war, gordon highlanders, vandersluys are all lower case.
    First World War, New Zealand Expeditionary Force are with capitals.




    The tags are shared globally, and once a tag is created by any user of, it remains with the case initially used.

    For example, “boer war” is not capitalized because the first person to use that as a tag did not capitalize it.


    @macmanx, thanks for that clarification.



    You’re welcome!



    Thanks heaps for the clarification. It’s really a shame that there’s nothing we can do about it. It is happening with people’s names too, which makes it really incorrect.

    I am guessing that there’s no place where we could report these and get the tags database fixed by an admin at WordPress?



    [opinion]It’s not a problem IMO simply because all search spiders only “see” everything in lower case lettering, and because we rarely get any clicks into our blogs directly form the global tag pages. [/opinion]



    I know what you mean, but I can’t get away with that in this case :)

    The tags are displayed on pages with the blog posts, so our readers can see them. Museums have very high standards in terms of correctness of information, and that includes correctness of spelling.

    While I totally see your point, it is all about humans here, and humans will realise there are no caps.



    You could use it as a Category instead. That might work around this.



    I know where you are coming form as I’m a Librarian and a paralegal. Hopefully Staff will have a solution for you. In the meantime don’t worry about search engine traffic not finding your posts, as a said above the search spiders don’t see capitals. Best wishes. :)

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