Captioned slideshow & gallery photos now need Javascript to view?

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    This is a sudden new change, since I have become part of the new WordAds program. I have ALWAYS been able to enter a ‘caption’ to my photos in my ‘gallery’ and these captions would appear in my slideshows and galleries within my post. NOW, when I try to enter a ‘caption’ in my gallery for that post, it says ‘Default Caption’, instead of ‘Caption’, and when I type my photo credits in that field, the entire slideshow disappears and a message appears telling me I must have Javascript to view the slideshow! This has NEVER occurred before.
    What has happened? It is VERY important that I fully credit my photos, as I am a dance jourmalist and our rules are VERY strict about giving full dancer, ballet, and photographer credits. I use photo slideshows and galleries in every single post, so this must be addressed asap.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Staff are tinkering with the slideshow right now. I don’t think it’s related to the Word Ads program, as several people are reporting it, and they don’t have Word Ads.


    Most likely this is a change away from Flash, which is on effectively dead, not to mention the fact that with no mobile support for flash anymore, no one with a smart phone or tablet would be able to view your slideshows or carousels.

    It appears as if they are moving to javascript and HTML5 for everything, and that is a smart thing really given Flash is passe now.



    I deleted the captions for now, as they were disabling my entire slideshow. Does ‘staff’ need me to put them in again so they can be tinkered with? (There’s no caption there to tinker with at the moment).



    Staff are tinkering with all of’ slideshows. For now I suggest you put the captions in a small footnote at the bottom of the post.

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