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Captions Not Visible once Published?

  1. healthyexposures

    So I tried searching for this, but can't quite find a topic with the same problem, so here goes. Hopefully I'm not being repetitive!

    I have no problem inserting photos into my blog posts, and when I type a caption, it even shows up in the grey box around it, but the catch is: the caption & box ONLY show up in my preview, where I can edit the text and everything. Once it's published, there is no caption box around the photo, and instead the caption just shows up as normal text beneath the image.

    Any thoughts? I'm new to wordpress, so I'm assuming it's something simple I need to click that I just haven't realized?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I use the same theme - Vigilance. On this theme the gray caption boxes do not display, but the caption text does display so I think you need to contact Staff

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