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Captions won't stay italicized!

  1. alexanderworthington

    Hi guys,

    Can any of you help me figure out why my captions won't stay italicized? I use the "add media" box to insert a picture and a caption. Afterward, I highlight the caption text and italicize it, and it looks fine until I save the draft. After I save the draft, all of the italicized formatting on the captions disappears.

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!

  2. Please provide a link to your blog (starting with http:). You might also link your username to your blog (see sticky thread at the top of the forum). We can't help unless we can see what's happening.

  3. @alexanderworthington: That's because the caption text is not "free"; it is part of the so-called shortcode for the caption, which you cannot modify. If you want legends in italics, you must not use the actual caption option but write the legend in the post editor, enclosing image and legend in the code for a table. For a single image, that would be:

    <table style="text-align:center;"><tbody>

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