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carousel gallery not loading

  1. christopherfabbri

    Is there anyway to improve the time it takes a carousel gallery to load?
    The circle in the middle keeps spinning, and never loads.
    Maybe this is because I have 150 - 200 images in one gallery, not sure.

    Also, the captions on the carousel do not fully show, if it the wording is too lengthy.

    although it's very nice, Is there anyway not to have the carousel feature?


  2. Not at the moment. Others have also mentioned the problem with captions. Staff have already said that this is the first version with refinements to come.

    One thing you will want to check is that you are not uploading very large images. Since you haven't provided a link to your blog, we can't see, but they shouldn't need to be any larger than 800-1024 pixels wide.

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