carousel never works on 1st go

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    Any 1st time visitor to any blog goes to a post and clicks a gallery.
    They are taken to the file or attachment page.

    They press back and clicks the same place again, THEN the carousel loads up.

    It’s not a loading time thing. It’s just every blog requires a reload for carousel to work.



    Of course unless you’re standing there telling them to press back and reload, your user will just think your blog is outdated and 90’s like.



    I just visited your site and had no problem with the Carousel not loading on the first thumbnail I clicked. I’m using Chrome 16.

    Many problems such as these can be solved by logging out of, clearing one’s browser’s cache and cookies, shutting down the browser and then loading the page again.

    Have you had reports of problems from visitors?



    no reports. I was standing next to them and told them the url. they’d never visited the site b4.
    I think they were using FF

    I myself experienced the same thing with 4 PCs of my own. In fact I never saw the carousel for 3wks after it was deployed because I never used the back button.



    Then may I suggest that you report this directly to Support?

    Give them as much detail as you can, including:
    What were you trying to do?
    What did you click on or do last?
    What happened / what did you see?
    What browser are you using?



    support reports for things like this always end up as ‘cannot reproduce’ and closed. or I’d get asked to do strange things like resetting my modem. once a PC is ‘infected’ it will never fail again. this requires new people and new PCs to happen.

    more interested in seeing if others search for this issue and add some comments.



    No problem with the Carousel working on the first go in Firefox 9.0.1 either.

    In addition to my above suggestions, I’d also check that Flash is up to date and that javascript is enabled in your browser.

    Resetting your modem is not as strange as it sounds. For a time I could not connect to a particular site and once I reset my modem all was well.

    Not sure what you mean by the reference to infected PC.

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