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carousel permalink error message: Not Found, Error 404

  1. Not Found, Error 404
    Blog url:

  2. Hello,
    For some of the photos in my photo galleries, when you click on permalink, I get the following message: Not Found, Error 404

    Here is how to get to the bug:
    1) on page
    2) start 3rd row gallery carousel by clicking on the first image
    3) Click on "permalink" for this image (caption "1975 © Getty Images")
    4) Error message appears: "Not Found, Error 404, The page you are looking for no longer exists."

    Strange, because the image is there in the carousel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't have any idea what is happening, nor how to fix it. Thank you in advance.

  3. It's actually the copyright symbol in the image title making the permalink invalid.

    Can you please try deleting and re-uploading it with a different title?

  4. After giving it more thought, there are many other photos that have the copyright symbol in the caption and title and they work just fine. So I'm thinking there is some kind of other bug going on with certain photos. Have you heard of other people encountering this problem?

  5. No, this is the first that I have heard of it. Did you have any luck re-uploading it with a different title?

  6. Hi Macmanx, I re-uploading and problem seems to be fixed, even with the copyright symbol in the caption. Although I have no idea why only some photos were affected, and this on different page, and different galleries.

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