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    Today I realized that when you flip through a gallery in carousel mode, every page generates an entry in your browsers history. This is good as long as you are in carousel mode.

    But what if you close carousel view and get back to the blog? When you try to get back by clicking the back button in your browser nothing obvious seems to happen. If you watch closely you can see the attachment page URLs changing in the address bar, but that’s it.

    Has this always been that way or is it a result of the recent changes?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Hmm, I’m not sure if the new Image Sitemap protocol has something to do with it. Have the pages in carousel view always been a collection of attachment pages?

    My main concern is that users might think their browser is broken when they click on the back button and nothing happens. Like I said, when you browse through a large gallery in carousel view and close it by clicking the button in the upper left corner at the end, your browsing history is flooded with all the attachment pages.

    The user now is back on my blog and tries to use the browser back button but nothing seems to happen apart from the changing url in the address bar.


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