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Cast thy Shackles & Salute thy Chief; "Lest You Forget"

  1. whiteflagseptember

    Get your News from Someone Who Does not think You are a Intellectually Inferior, Wandering Goat Herder whom would be not just lost, but Dead without Me; Me as in Progressive Journalism. Yes. You are Smarter than Me. That's why You make Money and Figure Out ways of Making More Money Exploring Interests, Engaging in Commerce and in the off 5; peruse through the Local Rag, on/off-line; makes no difference. Than get saturation boring, boring lectures about nonsense 1970's jargon you look back at and shrug; ah, "I have a life now, whatever".
    You Drive the Economy. You have the Families. Get away for the weekend to a favorite Getaway spot leaving the kids with the British Nanny. You are America. I'm a servant to bring you the News; the Same way the New York Times Does! That is it. That is my Goal. I have no life so that you may chuckle and vote Republican! I love You, Brothers and Sisters of the Republic.
    ~Rob Widing Reporting.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    I dropped by for a look at your site, Rob. I'm not sure where to begin except to say I had a hard time understanding what you were trying to say, aside from the fact that you support some causes and oppose others. I guess I'll just offer that opinion pieces are neither news nor journalism, which is not to say they don't have value if truthfully advertised. You are attempting to take stands, whatever they are. It won't benefit you to pretend it's news. You are writing Op-Ed.

  3. whiteflagseptember

    Perhaps that's where your Internal Memory Diagnostics has its malfunction. Never have I alluded to the pretense it is a news site; in fact, its unabashedly biased, unprofessional and full of nonsense which belittles myself and opponents on about an even level. Every once in a while I may have something intelligent; usually borrowed form someone else and/or something I write is legible. I forgive you as my journalistic talents are as genius as they are contradictory leading ones without 7 senses (as I do) astray unto believing I am attempting to partake in the shameful, shameful profession of Journalism. For that I am utterly unqualified as I am neither a Marxist or Robotic Machine programmed with anti-Bush slams and blame shifting diatribes to exalt myself and/or interests. May God Bless You and His Face Shine on and Protect You my Invisible/Imaginary Friend. Same time next week....???? I love you, Rob.

  4. Berserk Joe ate a peach and drank 5 sodas, which was his lucky word. Being a Capricorn, Joe knew all the risks, so shying away from a direct confrontation with aplomb, he wisely invoked the Camel Clause, thus avoiding any further water loss. I'm just sayin'.

  5. aww loving the bromance on here,rob you are quite the character,it took me a while to get over the whole stars and strips background,but once i got into reading what you were posting,it did connect in a way,it all linked up.It seems this is your writing style,and you portray it as journalism,again as you said yourself,i did get the sense there was a few paragraphs and content filler on there,perhaps news articles,and such,but its all good,your simply putting it all together in one place and showing your readers,what your reading,what you are all about,its just not quite journalism,more commenting,and enlightening,your more of a news announcer,only online.
    good that your linking though,where your getting your information,and you tube clips as well under each,and you are very diverse in what you write about,seems anything and everything that interests you or you find interesting your having you say on,for that reason i like it
    keep up the reporting

  6. whiteflagseptember

    Simply wonderful, wingstruck, truly the stars have not shown such a light since three wise men looked up at the crowned sky of Bethlehem. Balladeer, my balladeer; I have no Idea what the he** you wrote, my word; spit the marbles out of your mouth and speak clear... Peaches? Camel Clause? Joe? no, no, Your Balladeer and I believe need to get some Meds or something alas the Invisible Monkey fall from the Sky and I would hate to see such things happen to you. Seriously... get your goofy a** head looked at. and My Invisible Monkey... I love you. Stay away from me... Bye, Friends.
    BTW: It would be great for anyone who likes my blog to subscribe to it. Wingstruck, I'm looking at you...

  7. *looks back at rob......alright then,tell you what you subscribe to mine and ill do likewise

  8. whiteflagseptember

    You got pretty hair Wingstruck... Deal.

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