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  1. Why is the catagory drop down empty under posts?
    Only catagory choice appears to be uncatagorized.

  2. That would be because you haven't yet added any categories.

    You need to add your own categories as you want them for your blog and subjects.

    I mean, there would be no point in you having the categories in my review blog for example.

    Plus there are hundreds of thousands of categories and scrolling through them all to find the one you want would take longer than writing the post!

    Hope this makes sense!


  3. Thanks Collin,

    I appreciate your time.

    I have tried to add catagories, but continue to get default
    to uncatagorized.

    Maybe I just need to stare at the page awhile until I start to see what's there.


  4. No problem, it's what we're here for! ;o)

    If you go to Manage -> Categories in your dashboard you can edit the categories.

    I might be playing dumb (it's late here!) but I also can't see right now how to change the default category...

    I assume that you've managed to create the new categories ok?

  5. Does someone know how to name (like slug in the post) the categories, so it is easier to enter in address? and does apprear as this...



    The prob is because you're using non-ascii characters in the category name, so they'll always get converted (the terminology is "escaping the characters").

    I understand what you would like to do is have some kind of ascii category slug, but then display it as the correct non-ascii character set where ever the category is displayed. Unfortunately, WordPress does not support this.

  7. Yes, I am using Unicode to write in my langauge. But it was possible for me to create
    slug for the post... I hope WordPress support to create a slug for categories soon!!
    Thank you for your reply...

  8. Double check your setting at Dashboard -> Options -> Reading -> Encoding for pages and feeds to see if it's set for your character set. A Feedback to staff from your Dashboard might help as well.

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