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Catagories, Only from Dashboard? or via remote too?

  1. Now this is a serious question. :)

    Oh.... Stop cringing.... It ain't the bad... (I think?)

    Catagories or Tags...

    Can they be edited via remote, (like BlogDesk) or can I only do that via the dashboard?

    Just wonderin'... I need to tidy that up a bit... and I wanna know which to go about doing it. :)


  2. I believe that you can only edit/change/add categories through the dashboard. Blogdesk will allow you to assign them though.

    I haven't used blogdesk for a while though...

    Good luck!

  3. thanks...

  4. Actually I don't think Blogdesk will allow you to create them.

    Staff is working on a WordPress API that I'm trying to get the attention of the blogdesk designer to pay attention to. (Aside, anyone have an account in their forums? I can't get my activated and it's going on three days now) The new API will allow categories to be worked on via a remote system.

  5. Thanks for the info.... :) for now, got do it via text editor for the Blogdesk side... *grumble*

  6. Excuse me but I use BlogDesk and it imports the existing categories in my blog into BlogDesk as well as allowing me to edit and add more categories to any post.

    Do you require instructions?

  7. @timethief

    I know this, there were some I wanted to REMOVE. and I couldn't do that. :-)

  8. @timethief

    I had some dupes... kid, kids, college, colleges.....ect... removed them...

  9. Ahhh ... I see when you mobile post you simply do not tick the categories that you can later remove when you are on the blog (like Cornell said in the first response to your post above).

  10. drmike, you want to contact me? Feel free to write me an email an

  11. Cool, email sent. :)

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