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catagory problem

  1. When I would post on my blogs there used to be a box where I could type in a new catergory and add it to the post. Where is it?

  2. It is missing from mine too, but I can still add categories from the "manage" then "categories" links of my dashboard...but not from the post itself, like we used to be able to. :(

  3. The problem is that you are among a perceived minority in the eyes of the WordPress admins. You are most likely using Internet Explorer on a Windows PC and that is unacceptable to the FireFox Nazis that tend to dominate this little corner of the WWW. I was having the same problems until I checked out the site in FireFox. And LO AND BEHOLD, I had everything AJAX (categories, ability to delete posts, and for some reason my REAL stats showed up -- not the category A/B crap) working again. So are they being stubborn, elitist, techno nazis, or is it just a simple mistake that they didn't test this site (prior to implementing changes) on the effin biggest distributed OS and browser in the world? Someone should have put up a badge that says "We hate Microsoft technologies and probably won't support it" on the registration page so those of us who are stuck with or (YES!!) prefer Microsoft would've known to go elsewhere. Now it's a hassle. I'm off the soapbox now. ;)

  4. nuub: LOL, ahh yes, me not thinking about the whole IE see I am stuck here at work, which forces me to use IE, but sure everything is good @ home where I am running Firefox.

  5. Does anyone know why my Categories wouldn't be showing up at all? I've got about ten diff't categories specified, and several posts assigned to some of them, but on my page it shows "No Categories" in the sidebar. Anybody have any ideas?

  6. @ balconyfool

    Double check your theme Sidebar Editor to make sure Categories is in the Sidebar1 box and not in the Available Widgets box. If not drag it from Widgets to Sidebar 1


  7. nuub, we aren't Firefox nazis. There are some bugs with SSL and IE that we're still working out. Be patient and we'll take care of it.

  8. And... it should be fixed now.

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