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    Having tagged a couple of posts to belong to a specific named category, why issit that when I visit my site and attempt to view the posts listed under the named category I get the following page appearing instead:

    Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    The posts mentioned appear within proper categorization in my dashboard but isn’t reflected on the site itself.

    What’s going on?



    Sorry but I visited your blog and can’t see this error. Which category is the problem one?


    Currently having the same issue; surprisingly because this was raised more than a month now.

    My category, “Analogies” doesn’t show any posts; clicking it displays, “Error 404 – Not Found”, although it says there are 21 entries there (those entries, btw, are reflected on the dashboard).

    Editing both the category name itself as well as the posts belonging to that category don’t help.



    I have the same problem and have already addressed it in the first sticky of “upgrading” but no one has responded yet.


    It is, mysteriously, working now. Thanks, guys.



    I still have problems with some of my categories. The titles of some posts are appearing with tiny fonts-sizes as well. Please, can I have some help about this. It’s been almost a week like this. Still due to the upgrade??

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