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  1. How do I edit a category for example to change a category name?

  2. from your dashboard, go to Manage > Categories, and click 'edit'

  3. I think that leads to the issue that Vivian is having with the Norfolk tag.

    The poster may want to consider creating a new tag and retagging those posts.

  4. drmike, we (Barry) actually recently fixed the Norfolk tag issue.

    zahira, if what sunburntkam suggested does not help please submit a contact support.

  5. He did? I thought someone had but Vivian said she was still having the issue. (Got three minutes left. Someone please find her latest on the subject for me.) Maybe she was looking at her old posts.

  6. @drmike
    The last time Vivian posted on this was in a thread entitled "frustrations with"
    and the date was Posted: 2006-11-19 01:27:44

  7. I think she was using her other account but I still can't find the post.

    Email (Well a comment on her blog) sent to Vivian.

  8. My bad. Yes, Barry fixed the Norfolk tag on 11/29. A big thanks for that (I did email him privately on this.)

  9. Just wanted to make sure. :)

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