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    I have a category called “May 2007” as well everything I’ve written which has been in May is one long page. Can I leave it all in May 2007 but not have it sitting as it is.
    I would like to start a category June 2007 tomorrow.


    Hi sorry…I will have to work at this another time…hmmmm…I have to leave…sorry and thank you. :o)




    hopefully you’ll see this when you come back…

    You don’t need to make monthly categories. Just use your archives widget to show months, or the calendar widget so people can choose a month and see what days have posts attached.

    edit: you might find this FAQ page useful


    Thank you Judy. That makes sense about the months.
    I’ll take a look at the widge stuff once more as well because I still would like all that I have blogged about in May to stay in the May sidebar – is that what it is?..and I would like the main part to be blank and I can start doing June in there. In other words I want to clear the main section of the page. I may not be in to check this again for a bit so I’ll play with it first.
    Thank you.



    I would like the main part to be blank and I can start doing June in there

    The way to do that would be to adjust the number of posts you show on a single page. For your first post in June, the setting would be 1, for your second post it would be 2, etc. This setting can be found here:

    Options->Reading->Blog Pages-> “show at most: ___ posts”

    Please note, however, this setting changes the number of posts shown for your archive pages, too.

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