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    How do I edit the categories list once I have created them? Delete or change categories ….



    From your Dashboard: Manage | Categories



    I am having trouble setting up categories. I think I am doing everything right, but nothing is happening. I’ve only been able to set up one category. The next time I tried, nothing happened. Help!



    kikikaria, you need to tell us very specifically what you are doing. That’s the only way we can help you.



    New user, trying to add categories but find I’m unable to do so. Have gone to the
    page to manage categories, and then add them, but when it indicates they are
    saved nothing changes. I’ve tried creating them under the Unassigned and Blogroll
    “parents” and under “none”. Since information above the “add” makes it sound like
    the new categories wouldn’t appear on the list until used in a blog, I then went
    to a posting and attempted to add them there. Still no change. Any ideas? Thanks.



    Try instead of clicking the box to add a category, just press Return.
    That could do the job ?


    i am having trouble with creating categories as well. every time i type in a new name, and press enter or click add, it says it is sending data, but then nothing happens. i was albe to add 3 categories earlier on when i first started this blog, but now everything seems to be defaulting into the uncategorized category. any suggestions?



    I can add when i pressed the “Enter”. But now I can’t seem to
    delete it



    poorlittlemoomoo, you might want to check to see if you’re going through a proxy or something. Although you would also be having issues with making Posts. Hmm, that’s strange.

    bj0rn, you need to tell us what you are doing to delete a category. We can’t help you unless you give us information. You’re not trying to delete your default category, are you? You have to choose a different category as the default before you can delete the one that was labeled as such.

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