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    I need a way to allow users to see all posts only on my blog that are on a particular subject. I had assumed that this is what categories were for. Today, I realized that a user who clicks on a category for one of my posts is taken out to a whole bunch of other blog posts in the same category. Blog address is


    The blog I need help with is


    The tags and categories links under or over the post will take people to the wordpress.COM global tags pages. The categories and tags in the sidebar widgets will take people to the local posts on your blog.

    If you want the tags and category links under or over the posts to lead to your blog, then at settings > privacy, you will have to select the second option to allow normal visitors but block search engines. Then the tags/categories will go local.

    The tags pages increase your blog’s page rank and for most people they bring them a lot of viewers.



    I confused TSP. Are you saying that making this change to my privacy settings will prevent my posts from showing up when a category or tag I assigned to it is searched for from the Global Tags page? What about clicks on a matching category or tag on another blog where the owner hasn’t made this privacy settings change?


    If you block search engines (middle setting) then it will also remove you from the global tags pages since the search engines crawl the global tags pages as well.



    What about people searching on places like Google, as opposed to pages? If so, then is there another way to provide some sort of “related posts from my blog” type thing instead? I’m just concerned that someone unfamiliar with how sidebar widgets work my be too intimidated to go scrolling through it.


    If you blog search engines (which blocks you from global tags) the only way people can find you is by word of mouth from people who already know about your blog.

    As far as a related posts sort of thing, you would need to do that yourself manually adding the links to posts you feel are relevant.



    The global/local tags issue has been debated time and again in this forum. That is how works. Period. It is possible to ‘outsmart’ the global tags by creating tags and categories that are unique to your blog, which means that only your posts will show up when people click them.

    As TSP pointed out correctly, if you change your privacy settings, you will not be found by searches on or by searches in Google or other search engines, so that is a major drawback.

    If don’t want to change the privacy settings and you don’t like global tags/categories, it is possible to remove them (without changing the privacy settings) using the CSS Upgrade, leaving only the sidebar category and tag widgets. However, depending on the theme, usually this also removes much or all of the post info, such as author and date, something you would want to keep.

    The new INove theme has the option of not displaying the global tags and categories with the post. You will still be listed in global tags and categories, and people will find you when searching on or in Google, but in order to see related posts they will need to use your sidebar widgets. If you don’t want global tags and categories, INove is your best option.

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