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  1. floridabirdwatchers

    I thought the categories option in posts and widgets was great. But, I made some mistakes, and want to undo them. Can I delete some categories on the post page or can I delete the widget and start over with a clean one? Is this a do over with this great feature

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Dashboard>Posts>Categories. From there you can edit the categories and change the names, or delete them and add new categories. No need to delete the widget.

  3. floridabirdwatchers

    Thanks so very much.

  4. floridabirdwatchers

    Forgot to hit the resolved button.

  5. You're welcome. You can click 'resolved' at any time, not just when you're adding a reply.

  6. I've added a parent with 3 subcategories - but no categories show up on the site...and on the dashboard they show as "pending" - how do I "unpend" them? re: SparksOnStage

  7. Until you actaully publish a post with a category assigned to it the category has no data that it can display.

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