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  1. First thanks for an easy to navigate and operate blogging site, it's refreshing and appreciated. I was curious to know that if specifically using a category limits the audience that views a post. Specifically are categories per user dictated by what they decide on, or are all categories visible, at all times? By creating a category, does that limit my possible audience?

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  2. danielisreading

    Actually, it's quite the opposite. Anyone can view all of your posts if you they go directly to your blog. But if they use the reader, your posts will only show up IF they are a part of a category or tag. Effective tagging/categorisation can draw in a number of viewers from the reader (though note, they don't have to make a view on your blog, to like, follow or reblog since they can be done from the reader directly). Using categories doesn't limit people from seeing your content.

  3. Fantastic thanks, this was exactly the answer I was looking for.

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